Welcome to the IAIR 2017 Conference!

"Applying Research to Improve Intercultural Relations"

June 25 through 29, 2017

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Staten Island Ferry and the Statue of Liberty

Welcome to Staten Island, New York, the site of the 10th biennial conference of the International Academy for Intercultural Research.

This year’s theme, “Applying Research to Improve Intercultural Relations,” truly resonates with New York’s polyglot, multiethnic population and its long immigrant history. By sharing ideas on this subject we can increase our understanding of cultural transitions and improve intercultural relations.

The International Academy of Intercultural Research seeks to promote and encourage research theory and the practice of intercultural relations. Our ultimate goal is to promote world peace and prosperity through applications of academic principles and research findings to the betterment of human realities.

We invite you to share in our mission with an open and inquisitive mind.